About Us

Kingmakers is a startup based in Lagos, Nigeria. It started off as a project to monitor public opinion polling information using public data from Twitter as regards the 2015 presidential elections.

The success of the project in predicting the presidential elections spurred further interest in providing sociopolitical intelligence as a service to political campaigns, media companies, academic institutions and non-governmental agencies (NGOs).

Kingmakers specializes in the collection, analysis, publication and distribution of information using data from public and privately held sources. We provide resources which aim to enable leaders as well as citizens make more informed decisions whether its concerning designing politics, through developing a political campaign startegy to ordinary citizens wanting to be more informed about what is going on in their society.

Kingmakers is staffed with domain experts with deep knowledge of thier areas of expertise as well as talented data analysts who work in tandem to make a great company and provide our clients with insightful solutions they need to make an impact.
Abia State Snapshot in the 2016 State of States Report

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